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Watch Michael Breed use SwingFix diagnostic technology on The Golf Fix.
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Top 50 golf instructor Michael Breed dishes out fast-paced, in-your-face instruction and answers your toughest golf questions on the Golf Channel, Monday nights at 7 ET. You can email Michael and get expert advice during the show or ask him your question by calling 1-800-842-9987 and he’ll give you advice on how to improve your game during the show. And now, you can submit a video of your golf swing directly to The Golf Fix and Michael will select from all the submitted videos and complete an on-air analysis!

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The Golf Fix Episodes

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    Michael takes a look at Eric’s swing

    Eric has a problem maintaining his spine angle and because he's standing up at impact he's losing a lot of distance, but Michael has a drill to help him out.

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    Michael analyzes Adam's swing

    Adam needs to make some improvements in his set up position and Michael shows him how he can improve his posture to make a better turn.