How does SwingFix work?
We've made taking a golf lesson easy and affordable. Simply upload your swing videos, pick an instructor, start a lesson and describe your problem. Within 24 hours, your instructor will provide you with a personalized swing analysis and swing tip to help you with your game. Every lesson takes place within our online lesson tee, where you have access to all of your swing videos, our built-in swing analysis tools and a messaging platform to communicate with your instructor.
Can I choose an instructor?
Yes! You will be able to browse our list of decorated instructors and choose the teaching professional that you would like to work with.
What do I get with a SwingFix lesson?
To ensure a quality user experience, we require our instructors to deliver two videos during a lesson. First, instructors must provide a swing analysis that focuses on a few key problems with your golf swing. Second, our instructors must supply you with a swing tip or drill that is relevant to your problems. This tip might be filmed by your instructor or it might be selected from our database of customized tips from SwingFix 's resident teaching pro, Jim Williams. In addition, you can ask your instructor questions through your lesson page's messaging platform.
How much does a lesson cost?
Lesson credits are $29.95 each and are good for one lesson with a SwingFix instructor. SwingFix also offers lesson packages in which lessons can be purchased at a discounted rate.
How do I communicate with my instructor?
After you have started a lesson, you can message back and forth with your instructor within a lesson through the messaging platform on your personal profile page. Any questions or comments you have can be addressed by your instructor there.
How should I tape my swing?
It's completely up to you. SwingFix accepts virtually every digital video format, which includes video from smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders and other recording devices.
Is there a minimum video quality for my swing video?
We do not have minimum quality requirements for swing videos, however, higher resolution and frames-per-second video formats work best.
How do I upload my swing videos?
It's easy, simply email your video to pro@SwingFix.com and we will automatically place your video into the account tied to that email address. You also can always upload videos to your personal profile page after logging into your SwingFix account.
I emailed videos of my swing to pro@SwingFix.com but do not see them in my account or in the lesson that I want to use them in. What do I need to do?
If you emailed a video to pro@SwingFix.com, you should have received a confirmation email from us notifying you that your video was uploaded with a link to click on to add the video to your account. If you did not receive this email or no longer have it, please email swingfixsupport@GolfChannel.com and let us know what email address your video was sent from along with the date and approximate time you sent it in. We can then search our video logs for your submission(s). To add a video to a lesson, the video must first be added to your account. We currently do not allow users to email videos directly to one of their individual lessons or directly to a specific instructor.
I don't have a SwingFix account, can I still email my swing to pro@SwingFix.com?
Sure! We'll start an account for you and get you on your way to playing better golf.
How many videos can I upload to my account?
There is no limit to the number of swing videos you can upload to your account.
Can I view my previous lessons?
Absolutely. Every lesson you take will be archived on your personal profile page so you can access them whenever and wherever you want.
Can I work with the same instructor again?
Yes. When you start a lesson on SwingFix, the last instructor you worked with will be recommended for you. If you would like to change instructors you can do that as well.
I'm new to SwingFix, how do I start a new lesson?
If you are new to SwingFix, click the yellow "Sign Up Now" button on our homepage to create an account and start your first lesson. All you need is a video of your swing to get started.
I already have a SwingFix account, how do I start a new lesson?
Starting a lesson is simple. If you have unredeemed lesson credits, simply log into your account and click on "Start New Lesson" in the upper right of your My SwingFix page. From here, we will walk you through every step necessary to begin a lesson with one of our decorated instructors.
What if I don't like my lesson?
We expect our instructors to provide you with a thorough swing analysis and a swing tip relevant to your problem(s). We also expect them to respond to your messages in a timely manner. If you have a lesson you are not completely happy with, email us at swingfixsupport@golfchannel.com. We will investigate your complaint and make things right.
How can I contact customer service?
Send us an email at swingfixsupport@GolfChannel.com and one of our representatives will respond to you in a timely manner.