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Analyze your swing just like the pros do.

Analyze your swing just like the pros do with our professional diagnostic tools.

Click one of the two sample videos to load it in the video player below. You can also add both videos side by side to compare the two swings. After you load a video, try analyzing the swing yourself by using our tools to draw lines or shapes.

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You can draw swing-plane lines, use vertical lines to see if you're sliding or swaying during your swing, use horizontal lines to see if you're coming out of your posture and use circles to highlight what your head or hands are doing in your swing.

We even have a zoom button so you can bring your videos into clearer focus and an angle tool so you can measure how far you're turning your hips or shoulders, or to check that you're maintaining some lag in your downswing. And conveniently, you can erase anything you've drawn with just the click of a button.

Compare two videos side by side

You can also compare two of your swings side by side or compare your swing to your favorite PGA Tour player.

Best of all, you'll be able to do this for free!