Use the offseason to work on your fitness

Brian Dobbie is a PGA Professional at Montclair Golf Club in West Orange, N.J.

Montclair is generally considered to be the 13th-oldest golf club in America, with four 9-hole courses.

The conditions at Montclair are immaculate and the greens are legendary, as well they should be, given that golf legends Tom Bendelow and Donald Ross had a hand in designing them.

No matter the pedigree, however, at Montclair, like everywhere in the Northeast, snow and cold inevitably bring an end to the golf season. And golfers have to try to maintain their swings until spring.

We asked Brian for some quick tips on staying sharp in the off-season, and here's what he advised:

"Golfers should consider finding a certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) instructor during the offseason and get evaluated from a fitness standpoint,” Dobbie said. “Most offseason swing changes will take place in the gym. The key is the evaluation. A trained golf-specific trainer can then put together a program of exercises to follow.

“The first priority should be injury prevention. Most people cause themselves injuries because of faulty technique, too much weight, or over-training. Older golfers need to address mobility, strength, stability, and flexibility to help their swings."

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