The Offseason: Stop coming over the top

There are countless swing faults in existence that plague golfers of all ability levels, but the one fault that might be the most common is coming over the top.

The player who comes over the top has a downswing that works from outside to inside across the ball with an angle of attack that’s too steep.

The result is a major loss of power and shots that are typically pulled, sliced or hit fat, not to mention a high level of inconsistency from a ball-striking standpoint.

What’s interesting, however, is that often times an over-the-top move is actually a lower-body issue, which many golfers have trouble understanding.

In this edition of our new series The Offseason, SwingFix instructor Jim Williams shows you from a physical standpoint what could be causing you to come over the top and he has some exercises you can do to help fix the problem.

Work on these aspects of your fitness in the weeks ahead and you're likely to find that your lower body will better support a proper swing path, which will in turn lead to improved ball-striking.
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