Keep you edge during the winter months

If, like many, you spend your winter months gazing out your frosty window and pining for the fairways, chances are when spring comes, your game is going to need some work.

But there's some simple winter maintenance you can do to keep your edge.

We've asked some of our top SwingFix Instructors for their favorite offseason practice tips. This one comes from Brian Dobbie, 2012 NJPGA Teacher of the Year and PGA Professional at Montclair Golf Club in Montclair, N.J.

"My favorite indoor drill  is to get a club in your hands everyday,” Dobbie said. “Work on your grip and posture looking in a mirror. Put the clubhead next to a doorjam and simulate impact, with your hands leading the clubhead and your weight moving into your left leg. This move is great for impact.

"The other thing is to watch golf on TV. Seeing good rhythm and balance of the pros and seeing short game shots like putting, chipping, and sand play goes a long way."

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