Get to know SwingFix pro Trillium Sellers

The newest SwingFix instructor is Trillium Sellers, who teaches at a private facility outside of Washington, D.C., during the summer season and in March teaches at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., which is a public facility.

Her website,, provides prospective students with her full bio and teaching philosophy.

Presently, Sellers is also working on a master's degree in motor learning at Teachers College at Columbia University, with a specific focus on practice and performance.

Sellers took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions as an introduction to SwingFix students worldwide:

1. First off, talk briefly about your golf instruction philosophy and how you preach it at your facility.

SELLERS: My philosophy for teaching is to deliver simple and effective instruction to improve student performance. I use a combination of core principles from biomechanics as well as scientific research in motor learning and educational psychology as a framework for how I approach each student. The goal is always to maximize appropriate, individual student practice in order to maximize student learning. As legendary coach John Wooden put it, “You haven’t taught until they have learned.” To sum up what I am about, my area of expertise (and of course, interest) is in improving the efficiency and efficacy in the average players practice game.

2. What attracted you to the SwingFix platform and how effective can this method be for golfers?

SELLERS: Golf has a barrier-to-entry problem. It can range from simply finding a golf course that is accessible to finding an instructor who is affordable. SwingFix solves both of those problems. Anyone can have access to a world-class instructor for a fraction of the cost, at any time of day. Although I prefer to see my students in person, this platform expands the opportunity for golfers all over the world to make improvements in their swing that they otherwise would not have.

3. In your opinion, what is the secret to taking the "range game" to the first tee?

SELLERS: There is no silver bullet to answer this question. I'm currently working on a masters degree in motor learning, and throughout every lecture and research article, I'm always looking to answer the question, "How do we take our range game to the course?" Performing to your maximum potential is a complex process of truly learning the tasks, developing skills and having a good attitude. I see many times people are taking a “range game” to the first tee that isn’t as prepared as it could be. What people do in their time on the range practicing is paramount to how it transfers to the course. It’s in this area that I’m interested in helping my students develop.

4. Is there a particular training aid that you tend to use most regularly and with the most effectiveness?

SELLERS: Training aids have an integral function in practice because they facilitate feedback to the learner. I have many on my teaching tee, but the two that I use the most are the alignment sticks and mirrors. The alignment sticks are wonderful for calibrating neutral alignment as a frame of reference, or if stuck in the ground, swing plane and club path. Repeating a swing over and over effectively “grooves” it that way, so you’d better be sure that you are grooving something that you want to keep. I like the mirrors for students to see for themselves what they look like. Sometimes what we feel and what we are actually doing are different and a mirror illuminates that disparity.

5. Is there a way students who have worked with you most often dramatically improve and achieve that coveted five-shot drop in scores? Power, consistency, short game, management, playing more golf, etc.?

SELLERS: Because every player has a unique situation, I have fresh eyes for everyone so that we work on what they need to strengthen. As a general theme, ball control ties all improvement plans together. One could argue that the goal of golf is to play with predictability, so knowing where your golf ball will go is key. The method for achieving this could take place anywhere, such as the short game, management game, or perhaps in the mechanics.

Take an online lesson with Trillium Sellers.

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