Czaja, Gilley create a SwingFix success story

When it comes to taking golf lessons, the goal is always improvement, whether that be in general or related to specific areas that have been targeted.

James Gilley was an excellent player, but an occasional ill-timed hook and a desire to add more power to his game were among the reasons he decided to seek out help from SwingFix instructor Christian Czaja.

The two have collaborated since April of 2012 and the results have been nothing short of outstanding.

Gilley has routinely been shooting in the low 70s the last few months, he regularly posts sub-par rounds and he even won his club championship.

“I was at a point where my game was stagnant and my lessons with Christian on SwingFix have revitalized my desire to learn and practice golf,” Gilley said. “Christian has a unique ability to notice the slightest issues and provide easy-to-follow instruction that will produce an improved golf swing, a better understanding of the golf swing and ultimately lower scores.”

Some might assume that creating this sort of relationship, which takes place from a distance and through an online teaching platform, might make the lesson process more difficult.

But Gilley said that hasn’t at all been the case for him.

“I wasn’t skeptical about how effective SwingFix would be, but it has exceeded any expectations I did have,” he said. “It has been very simple to take the online instruction and apply it to practice, and I especially enjoy that I am able to review my online lesson as often as I choose and ask questions about each lesson.”

In the video above, Czaja takes a look at where Gilley’s swing was when they first started working together and where it is now, while pointing out some of the major changes that they have worked on and some of the great things that Gilley does in his swing.

And when it comes to getting better, everyone can always learn from other good players, so enjoy this before-and-after analysis and you just might pick up a few tips that will help make you a better player.

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