Avoid a Flat Backswing with Hips - Jim Williams

We've all heard turning on your backswing can create more power. Of course, we need to make the proper turn, and some of us tend to turn our hips too much on the start of the backswing. This drill by SwingFix instructor, Jim Williams, provides useful tips on how to position your arms and hips, while turning in the proper direction. 


Putt like the Pros - Sean Foley

Are you gearing up for The Masters next week? Putting will be a key component to the outcome of who will wear the green jacket on Sunday. Sean Foley, swing coach to Tiger Woods, Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose and other successful pros gives you 4 great drills to lower your strokes and score just like the pros. 


Pitch Perfect - Martin Hall

If you are struggling with inconsistent pitch shots, then this drill is for you. In this video Martin Hall explains how to properly move your body to create solid contact.