Maintain Your Posture

One of the most common faults we see with golfers is on their downswing. Many golfers on the downswing stand up which causes a number of problems with like loosing distance, accuracy and balance. Try this drill, called Plant your Left Heel by Jim Williams to give you the correct feel of maintaining your posture to hit a solid and consistent golf shot.

Make Better Contact

We love this drill by Justin Bruton, Director of Performance at the Biltmore in Miami. This is called the "T" Gate Drill.  This drill is designed to give you the exact control of your clubface and better centerness of hit. Get ready for Spring!

The Greatest Drill Ever

Rocco Mediate explains the "Greatest Tip Ever" on how to transfer your weight. Learn how Gary Player was successful with winning with this drill. This easy tip can be used on almost any part of your game from pitching to your driver. Use it now for your swing and start improving for 2015.