Annika Sorenstam on Stop Scooping Chip Shots

Every day I'm on the chipping green I see this happening. Scooping the ball and not hitting down on the golf ball. The reality is that we need to hit the golf ball on the way down when we are pitching the ball. This drill I'm going to give you we used to call the "Punisher". This will help you learn the proper feel of the swing.

Good Luck and keep swinging!

Michael Breed-Proper Weight Shift

Are you looking for more Power? Michael Breed, Host of The Golf Fix knows just how to get you power in the golf swing. This is one of his most popular tips, we know it will help kick start your summer of golf. 

Sir Nick Faldo on Visualization

Looking to improve your wedge shots? Sir Nick Faldo explains why Visualizing your shot is so important.  He says it's the best tip he has ever received. Hopefully it will help your game.