Brandel Chamblee: Secret to Hitting Great Short shots

Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel Analyst and former PGA Tour player, shares his secret to hitting great short shots.

Get More Power by Creating Extension

To create more power in your golf game sometimes requires creating more extension on the backswing. Many of us think that on our backswing our arms should be long and around to gain more distance. However this causes a breakdown then we loose the proper connection. In this tip Golf Channel SwingFix Instructor Jim Williams gives you an easy drill to feel how to correctly extend the width of your arms while turning your body. Learn this drill and start driving the ball further.

Johnny Miller-Conquer Your Fear of the Bunker

A great tip from PGA Tour Champion Johnny Miller and how you can successfully overcome your fear of the dreaded bunker and learn this easy method.  Stop avoiding this difficult shot by playing this simple game/drill from the bunker. Watch this week as The Masters shows you the best players with the all around short game and long game. You must have both to win the Green Jacket.