An Early Turn Can Lead to a Flat Backswing

Watch this tip by SwingFix instructor Jim Williams, as he explains why you may have a flat backswing. He offers a good tip to properly set your club, arms and shoulders while maintaining stability with the lower body on the backswing. 


Brian Mogg: Geting "Unstuck" at Impact

In this video swing tip, Brian Mogg, Director of Instruction at the Waldorf Astoria Golf Academy, describes a way to let gravity and a normally bad lie help you get the feeling of getting "unstuck." The keys are to keep your weight forward and to keep the club out in front of your body more on the backswing and downswing.

Try This Unique Chipping Drill by Martin Hall

Martin Hall does it again by coming up with a simple and unique drill to improve your contact on chipping shots. Be sure to watch School of Golf with the professor Martin Hall.